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Dutch Design Week 2008

~ studio:ludens @ 0:39 Europe/Amsterdam

Dutch Design WeekOnce again, we are present and showing our products on the Dutch Design Week 2008 in Eindhoven. This time, we have something new to show you. If you want to check out what we’ve been working on the past months, you should definitely check us out! you can find us at the Klokgebouw building on Strijp S.

Official Dutch Design Week website

Our flyer front


Klokgebouw   Strijp-S
Beukenlaan 10151
5616 VJ Eindhoven
Za/18 okt    12:00 - 19:00
Zo/19 okt t/m Wo/22 okt   12:00 - 18:00
Do/25okt t/m Za/25 oct   12:00 - 21:00
Zo/26 okt    12:00 - 18:00

Design your own…

Who wouldn’t want to own a unique lamp, carpet or
coaster, designed by oneself?
With the digital design tools from studio:ludens everyone
can playfully design their own product. The easy controls
provide you with full creative freedom to make something
that tightly fits your personal taste.
…and take your own design-coaster home for free!

Come around and design your own Escher-inspired
coaster. With a laser cutter we’ll produce your design on
the spot. Impress everyone at home with your design

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3D Voice Experiment

~ studio:ludens @ 15:29 Europe/Amsterdam

We are experimenting with a 3D shape generator that responds to your voice. Here is a quick and dirty test we did. We are using vvvv to prototype this.


Youtube video

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Feedback is important

~ studio:ludens @ 20:30 Europe/Amsterdam


We at studio:ludens are working hard to create the coolest, prettiest, and most useful products. To do this. we need your input. Why? If we want to create a product that should suit each individual, we need to know what each of them thinks. And, in this case, that means you. We want to be open to everybody who has an opinion on what we do. We believe that this is the only way to create truly personalised products.

That’s why we’d love to hear from you. We want to invite you to tell us what you think of our products. Yor personal opinion is what matters here. Every comment will help us to improve our products and get inspired. So, post a comment and help us help you!

The studio:ludens Design Team

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epa:kato, our new product

~ studio:ludens @ 17:44 Europe/Amsterdam

epa:kato online design tool

After a couple of weeks of testing, tweaking and tuning, we are ready to present to you epa:kato, ‘design your own coaster’. With this on-line design tool (based on Flash), you can play with shape, patterns and repetition to create a unique design. Read more on the product page

Example coasters - with pouch

The pattern system

To help you design a shape that always fits together (really, all shapes always fit together!) we use the system of regular tilings in our application. So, when you create a piece of the shape, it will be repeated in different ways to create the eventual design.


epa:kato is a new type of mass customization application. When we design something, we like the open-endedness of the process. We have as much freedom as the materials and production process can give us. We try to translate this feeling of freedom and control to an intuitive interface in our design tools. You shouldn’t be forced to select options from a list, but have as much of the possibilities the production process provides as possible. That’s why we are experimenting with a free form spline tool.

Application screenshot

Your feedback

We realise our design tool is far from perfect. We would like to see this as an experiment where we include you in the design process. After all, it’s you we’re designing the design tools for :).

We would love to hear your responses to our application. So, if you have comments, critique, questions, suggestions for improvement or praise, please let us know by posting a comment to this blog post.

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pictures of DDW

~ studio:ludens @ 15:30 Europe/Amsterdam

Dutch Design WeekThe Dutch Design Week has been a success for us; we had over 250 visitors coming to see the Little Mountain creative environment and our exhibition. We showed the prototypes for out two new online design applications: lux:ludens and coaster:2.0. We received the most interest for the latter: an easy and fun way to design your own coasters. Based on the feedback we got from visitors, we decided to bring this product to you first.

Click through for some photos of our humble exhibition.

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Coaster 2.0 update

~ studio:ludens @ 15:29 Europe/Amsterdam

coaster 2.0

Now with text!

Well, we updated our coaster:2.0 design application with a number of new things. First of all, we implemented a way to add your own text to the coaster. It’s working now with four different fonts.

Coaster 2.0 now with text

Six pattern types

More patternsSecondly, you have now the ability to experiment with six different pattern types. We got a little bored with the same square rotational pattern, so we made it into a little pattern family. Each pattern has it’s own style, peculiarities and possibilities. Additionally, the hexagonal shapes will give you some more safety margin in creating a sturdy coaster.

And remember: we want designing, experimenting and learning to be free! Our ordering and production system is nearing completion, so soon you will be able to transform your design into a real tangible product. Happy designing!

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coaster:2.0 - a creative design tool

~ studio:ludens @ 15:26 Europe/Amsterdam

coaster 2.0

a new sound in mass-customization

Mass-customization has giving you more control over the appearance of the products you buy. You can change the colors of your shoes (Puma) and turn a photo of your pet into everything from a mug to a teddybear ( We however missed the element of creativity in this process. Therefore, studio:ludens says “genere ludens!” (or “create through play!” for all us non-Romans).

a new design-tool for everyone

We hereby launch our very first online creative design tool: coaster:2.0. This tool gives you a major say in the design process of your own coasters. In a nutshell, this application offers you:

  • a fun and easy-to-use design interface
  • cool patterns in no-time
  • infinite design possibilities
  • an option to order your designs online (coming soon)

At the moment you can already design, log in and save designs you make. Very soon the order system will be up and running, allowing you to order your favorite design(s)!


Click the screenshot to start designing or read on for some examples of what you can create with this tool.

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Preparations for Dutch Design Week

~ studio:ludens @ 15:24 Europe/Amsterdam

In two weeks, the Dutch Design Week (DDW) will be raging through Eindhoven. From October the 20th to the 28th Eindhoven will be all about design. With over a hundred events scattered around the city, it sure is going to be an event worth remembering.And of course, studio:ludens will be showing off some fresh new work. We are pushing ourselves to finish a number of first prototypes and two on-line design applications, where you can be te designer for once!

To lift up a tip of the veil: the theme of this year’s exhibition by studio:ludens will be light. We have been working on a number of indoor lighting objects that are quite out of the ordinary.

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